Thursday, June 21, 2012

Circlelord Challenge 2012 Winners

Thanks to all who entered their quilts. It has been a challenge to come up with a list of winners. We had to balance the use of Circlelord templates, the overall quality of the quilt and the stuffing of the ballot box. So below you have this years winners.

All prize values are credits towards purchase of Circlelord products at list price.
An email will be sent to each winner with further instructions to claim their prizes.

All entries receive $3.00 credit per entry. You are responsible to ask for those when
ordering. I will just check your math.

Circlelord Index and Pricelist

Design Templates

1st  D035       $800.00
Carmen Tesch  Gold Stars

Piecer: Carmen T.
Quilter: Carmen T.
Size: 42 x 42
Templates: Aztec, Starz, Diamondz, Greek Key Micro Filler, 1/4" Crosshatch, Squircles

2nd D02   $480.00
Bonnie Hutcherson
Quilter: Bonnie Hutcherson
Piecer: Bonnie Hutcherson
Pattern/Designer: Flower Patch/Judi Madsen (Green Fairy Quilts)
Size: Approximately 60 x 80 inches
CL Template: Spirals

3rd D028  $320.00
Kim Loar

Quilter: Kim Loar
Piecer: Kim Loar
Pattern and designer: Lightening Strikes by Derek Lockwood
Size: Queen
CL Templates used: Basic CL- Circles 

4th D006  $160.00
Annie Mueller
Quilter Annie Mueller
Piecer Barb Hahn
Pattern and designer McCall's magazine
Size 94" x 94"
CL Templates used Ginkgo and Mini Ginkgo

G Giant Templates

1st Prize  $480.00
Carmen Tesch

Guild community quilt #3
Quilter: Carmen T.
Template: Zig Zag/Waves, quilted waves in a variable design.

2nd G031  $320.00
Dell Dunman
Designed, pieced, and quilted by Dell Dunman
Size 53" by 61"
Used CL Swirls Board
3rd  G005  $160.00
Angie Kiker
Quilter: Angie
Piecer: JoAnn for QOV
Pattern: n/a
Size: 68" x 68"
CL Template: Swirls

4th G216  $80.00
Linda Bridges

Quilter and Piecer Linda Bridges
Lonni Rossi Geisha Panel appliqued
33 x 50
CL Template Used:   Zig Zag

B Both Giant and Design

1st B003  Heather Hodson  $800.00
Pieced byHeather H
Embroidered by Betty l
Quilted by heather H
quilt completion and binding byHeather

2nd  B012  Carmen Tesch  $480.00
Triple Irish Chain
Pieced by: Carmen T.
Quilted by: Carmen T.
Size: 76 x 94
Templates: Featherz, Mini Featherz, Cable

3rd Camen Tesch  $320.00
Piecer: Mary S.
Quilter: Carmen T.
Templates: Butterfly set and Greek Key/Swirls border

4th B002 Gillian Spencer  $160.00
Quilter Gillian Spencer
Piecer. Valerie Lane
Embroidery Eveline Durocher
Pattern. A collaboration
CL templates. Push Button & 48" Crosshatch set
Circles - Stepping disk
Radiating lines - Stepping disk

Veiwers Choice  G216  $800.00
Linda Bridges
Quilter and Piecer Linda Bridges
Lonni Rossi Geisha Panel appliqued
33 x 50
CL Template Used:   Zig Zag

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Circlelord Challenge Voting is over


I will now tally the votes and publish the results in a few day.

Thank you for entering.

Michael and Kay

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

G111 Joanne Flammand - Denim - Ribbles

Re-purposed Denim quiltQuilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: Sue's Mom
Lap sized, fleece backing
CL board: Ribbles

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

G246 Susan Jarsulic - Random Access - Swirlz

Pieced and Quilted by Susan Jarsulic
Pattern and Designer:  Random Access by Nancy Swanwick
Size approx 60x80
CL Template used:  Swirlz

G245 Susan Jarsulic - Open Source - Swirlz

Pieced and quilted by Susan Jarsulic
Pattern and designer:  open source 12.5 blocks
Size approximatey 60x80
CL Template used:  Swirlz

D036 Cathy Keindl - Fans - Spiro Thingy - Circlelord

Last one:
quilted by me, Cathy Keindl
Spiro-Thingy (5" hole 3)
Super FAST to do with the CL! 

G244 Bonnie Hutcherson - Urban Abacus - Clamshell

Quilter: Bonnie Hutcherson
Piecer: Bonnie Hutcherson
Pattern & Designer: Urban Abacus -- Jenny Pedigo
Size: Approximately 60 x 80 inches
CL Template Used: Clamshell