Wednesday, February 29, 2012

D016 Cathy Keindl - Colored Medallions - Circlelord Sqircles

Just trying this out -
I used the "stepping" disk and sqircls to make circles medallions. I thought the large 4 squares were kind of boring so I thought large medallions would give some texture. But when I took it off the frame I wasn't completely happy with it. I read an article about coloring quilt tops and thought why not? The design couldn't have worked about any more perfectly if I had planned it! WOW, POP, what a difference! Thanks for looking!
p.s. LOVE the bubbles board CL!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

G101 Dell Dunman - Tammy - Push Button - Giant Crosshatch

Made by Tammy Katopka
Quilted by Dell Dunman
Cross Hatching Boards and Push Button

D015 Dell Dunman - Gators - Sunburst

Pieced and designed by Jan Stokes
Quilted by Dell Dunman
CL Sunburst 17" template

D014 Kelly Summers - T Shirt - Sqircles, Spirals

T-shirt quilt
Piecer and Quilter: Kelly Summers
Size: lap
CL Templates used: Double 12" Square Spiral and sqircles

Monday, February 27, 2012

G083 Vickie Oliver - Christmas - PB Crosshatch

Quilter; Vickie Oliver Piecer: Linda Emmett Pattern: Christmas Applique Size: 101" x 104", Lattice Crosshatch Border using Giant CH Boards and Pushbutton System

I used the CH pushbutton to do the intricate crosshatch in and around this vine wreath. The PB made this an easy task!!

G081 Dell Dunman - Silk - 48" Crosshatch - Push Button

Designed and quilted by Dell Dunman
53" by 53"
CL Cross Hatching
Top is Silk
Back is Minkie

G080 Dell Dunman - Bev - Swirlz

Made by Beverley Crowley
Quilted by Dell Dunman
CL Swirlz Board
Almost a Twin Size

G076 Darby Myers - Swoon - Baptist Fan

Quilter-Darby Myers
Piecer-Darby Myers
Pattern and designer-Swoon by Thimble Blossoms
CL Templates used-Baptist Fan

Sunday, February 26, 2012

G067 Vickie Oliver - Blue Heaven - Swirlz

Quilter: Vickie Oliver & Sherri McKenna Piecer: Sherri McKenna Pattern: Rail Fence Size 50 x 60

G066 Vickie Oliver - Doghouse - Swirlz

Quilter: Vickie Oliver Piecer: Vickie Oliver Dog Panel Size 45 x 65

G056 Vick Oliver - Charmed - Swirlz

Quilter: Vickie Oliver Piecer: Rebecca Griffin Charm Squares 57 x 76

Saturday, February 25, 2012

G053 Ardelle Kerr - T-Shirt - Swirls - Push Button

Quilter-Ardelle Kerr
Piecer- Gail
Size- 82 X 102"
CL Templates used- Swirls, and Push button System!

G052 Ardelle Kerr - Heart Crazies - Push Button- Zig Zag Waves

Quilter- Ardelle Kerr
Piecer- Lilyon Lunty
Pattern and designer- Heart Crazies by Buggy Barn
Size- 87 x 106"
CL Templates used- Waves and Push button System!

Finished today! Love this one...

D013 Nanny Diggs - Flower Garden - Featherz

Lap Size Flower Garden
Pieced and Quilted by Nannie Diggs
CL Template: Feathered Wreath
Flower blocks were done by her friend's deceased mother.

G051 Nanny Diggs - Fish -Swirlz

Fish Fabric Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by Nannie Diggs
CL Template: Swirlz
Queen Size Quilt


G040 - Heather Hodson - Lisa - Swirlz

this quilt was pieced by Lisa H
Log Cabin variation
quilted by Heather H
Circle Lord Swirlz board used

G039 Heather Hodson - Pink Cosmos - Cosmos

Pieced by Lenore D
Quilted by Heather H
Circle Lord “Cosmos” board used for entire quilt.
thank you Heather

G031 Dell Dunman - Baseball - Swirlz

Designed, pieced, and quilted by Dell Dunman
Size 53" by 61"
Used CL Swirls Board

Monday, February 20, 2012

B003 Heather Hodson - Sunbonnet - PB - Feathers

Hi Kay and Michael,
Here is another quilt using the CL crosshatch board and PB system.
This was the first quilt I completed with the boards and PB set up.
I used the CL crosshatch board, PB system and large featherz wreath to complete this quilt.
Pieced byHeather H
Embroidered by Betty l
Quilted by heather H
quilt completion and binding byHeather

D012 Kelly Summers - Baby Stars -Feathers

Quilter- Kelly Summers
Piecer- Ann Mae, Canton SD
Baby Stars - Prairie Quits
Size- Baby
CL Templates used- Feathers (mini)

G030 Heather Hodson - Flowers - PB Crosshatch

Hi Kay and Michael,
I recently completed this quilt using the CL Crosshatch boards and push button system.

Pieced by Heather Hodson
Embroidered by Sylvia P.
Binding by Heather Hodson
Quilted entirely with the Push Button
and Giant Crosshatch templates.
Flowers were outlined prior to crosshatching.